Become a Bounty Hunter


If you are interested in becoming a Georgia Bail Enforcement Agent / Bail Recovery Agent (Bounty Hunter) please see O.C.G.A. 17-6-56, O.C.G.A. 16-11-129 for requirements by law. The Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen helped write the laws governing Bail Enforcement in Georgia. The GAPB offers Continuing Education classes that are REQUIRED to work as a Bail Enforcement Agent in Georgia. The class is 8 hours and cost is somewhere around $100. By law, all Georgia Bail Enforcement Agents and Bail Bondsmen must complete this class annually.  Blue Dog recommends classes taught by Tommy Ford of the Georgia Bail Bonding Training Academy.  (Although this class is highly recommended, Blue Dog is not responsible for this class.  We do not make the schedule and are unable to enroll you for any classes. Please contact the Georgia Bail Bonding Academy for a schedule and enrollment information.)

The GAPB Continuing Ed class is a REQUIRED class but is NOT a "training" class for Bail Enforcement Agents. The GAPB class covers the laws and the responsibilities of the Bail Enforcement Agent and the Bail Bondmen, but does not teach techniques such as skip trace and locate, how to apprehend, what paperwork goes to whom, or anything "hands on".  At this time, there are no state recognized "training" classes for Bail Enforcement Agents.  However, there are classes available that teach "techniques" for being a bounty hunter.  A quick Internet search will likely reveal a few.

After completing the required GAPB class, you must meet the requirements of the county in which the bond originated, which is the county you will return the skip to jail in. Each county varies.  Therefore, completing the GAPB class does NOT make you a bounty hunter.  When you have a bondsman giving you bonds, the Sheriff has approved you to turn in skips to the county jail, and you are actually apprehending individuals… then, you are a bounty hunter.

Most Bail Enforcement Agents have a background in law enforcement and/or military. Basic self-defense, handcuffing techniques and firearms training are a plus. You must good head on your shoulders, be able to think outside the box, have excellent communication skills, be able to notice and remember details, and at all times be professional.  Above all, you have to be able to find people!

Pay is based on the percentage of the bond. The industry standard, at this time, is 10% of the bond. If you are working for an agency, a certain percentage (25%-30%) of this amount goes to the company with the remaining 70%-75% going to the Bail Enforcement Agent. Most agencies and Bail Enforcement Agents establish minimum amounts that they will accept to hunt for a skip. This is to avoid being paid as little as $100 on a $1000 bond.   

As a standard practice, most of the time; unless traveling out of area, gas, mileage, and other expenses are not paid or reimbursed.  In the cases that they are reimbursed, these incidentals are negotiated by the agency directly with the Bail Bondsman.

Blue Dog is not accepting any applications or resumes for the position of Bail Enforcement Agent / Bounty Hunter at this time. Please do not contact with employment questions.  All questions will be ignored and emails deleted.  Thank you.

NOTICE: Private Investigations and Bail Enforcement are TWO completely different fields. PI is regulated by the Georgia Secretary of State and Bail Enforcement is regulated by the Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen.  There is no place in the law, code, or regulations that encompass both Private Investigator and Bail Enforcement Agent. The Private Investigator class does not cover or substitute for the Bail Enforcement class and vice versa. The classes are not taught at the same place and the instructors are not the same.