Become a Private Investigator


If you are interested in becoming a Private Investigator, BY LAW in the state of Georgia you must attend a State approved PI class (80 hrs), or have a 4 year degree in Criminal Justice (or related field), or 2 yrs law enforcement background. Many technical schools offer the required Private Investigator Course in their Continuing Education Department.  Blue Dog recommends the class taught by W. Larry Davis, at Gwinnett Technical College over any class in the state. (Although Blue Dog highly recommends this class, we are in no way responsible for the class. We do not have the schedule and cannot enroll you in the class. Please contact Gwinnett Tech.)

Once you have completed the class, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is submitted by a Licensed Private Detetive Agency, along with your Application for Employee Registration on your behalf within 30 days of your hiring. Minimum requirements established by the Board, for Private Investigators are detailed in O.C.G.A. 43-38-7. In the State of Georgia, the "License" belongs to the company and all employees are considered "Registered Private Investigators". In order to obtain your own "License" you must work for a Licensed Agency for a minimum of 2 yrs and complete an exam given by the State, in addition to obtaining a bond and paying all applicable fees. Please refer to the Company License Information in O.C.G.A. for specific details regarding qualifications and requirements.

Most Private Investigations Agencies do not require extensive experience to begin work as a PI. (The class is REQUIRED.) However, expect to start out on surveillance details and background checks and work your way up to other investigations where you will have more contact with the client or subject. Pay averages between $20.00 and $25.00 per hour and rarely goes above $35.00 per hour no matter how many years you work... until you have your own license and agency.

At many agencies, the hours are sporadic. It is not uncommon to work more than 70 one week and have very little to do the following week. The best thing to do is to make yourself available at all times to the PI Agency you are working for and to always work at expanding your skill set, so that you may work on almost every available job. Remember that your success is directly tied to the success of your company. When the agency is busy, you stay busy.

Agencies will look for a "company minded" investigator to handle cases for them. Be prepared to always sing the praises of and be marketing for the agency that is providing you work. You never know who may need PI services. Some agencies will pay an additional fee to investigators that bring in new cases. Until you have your own license and agency, it is not legal for you to work your own cases.  All cases must go through the Licensed Agency you are working for.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities at Blue Dog, please send an email, including cover letter, resume, and photograph to Contact concerning employment by any other means will be ignored. (This is your first test concerning your attention to detail.)

To be considered for a position as a Private Investigator with Blue Dog you must:

  1. MUST have completed PI class or have 2 yrs law enforcement or 4 yrs degree in Criminal Justice or related field.  
  2. Presently own basic equipment: video camera, binoculars, fax machine, computer with internet, pepper spray, audio tape recorder, smart phone. Presently own a reliable, inconspicuous, insured vehicle (tinted windows are a plus). Be able to work independently and juggle many things at once. Ability to think "outside the box" and pay attention to DETAIL. Possess college level writing skills.Have above average Internet and computer skills.  

NOTICE: Private Investigations and Bail Enforcement are TWO completely different fields. Private Detective/Private Investigator is regulated by the Georgia Secretary of State and Bail Enforcement is regulated by the Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen.  There is no place in the law, code, or regulations that encompass both Private Investigator and Bail Enforcement Agent. The Private Investigator class does not cover or substitute for the Bail Enforcement class and vice versa. The classes are not taught at the same place and the instructors are not the same.