Criminal Defense Investigations
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As the saying goes, “innocent until proven guilty.” According to the law, everyone has the presumption of innocence. Furthermore, it is a constitutional right that a defendant be granted a trial that is both fair and just. These are all just words to a defendant sitting in jail awaiting trial or out on bond while his freedom hangs in the balance.

As a criminal defense attorney, your role is to provide your client with the very best defense you can and hope to be able to prove that he is not guilty of any of the charges brought against him. Of course, you are to do all of this, while working on other time demanding cases and fighting a system that wants nothing more than to put your client behind bars.  

In order to provide a proper defense, you need all the evidence you can get to uncover the truth. So how do you find the time to conduct a thorough investigation for your client and still be the best defense attorney you can be? You can’t.

The State is has the police department, Sheriff’s department, and a team of special investigators at its disposal; all at work gathering evidence against your client. This is why it is so important to have the assistance of a criminal defense investigator to locate witnesses, conduct interviews, gather evidence, and conduct background checks.

Furthermore, an experienced and professional criminal defense investigator frees up your time to be able to provide your client with the best legal defense while providing you with the exculpatory evidence needed to do so.

The help of an experienced criminal defense investigator is invaluable, and can help you gain insight into the best way to proceed with the case of the defendant. Traici Sexton and Blue Dog Investigations will do whatever is necessary to gather information that you may use to make the right decisions regarding the accusations brought against your client.

As an attorney, you need to work with a criminal defense investigator that will work independently and get the job done. Allowing you the time to practice law and create an excellent defense strategy for you client. It is the job of a criminal defense investigator to assist you with complete support during all phases of the criminal defense case and process.

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Review and Analysis of Discovery File

One of the most critical steps in any criminal defense investigation is the review and analysis of a discovery file. It is extremely important that the timeline of events starting from the original event up to the arrest of the defendant, as well as the resulting police investigation is clearly mapped out. This gives you, the attorney, a clear picture of the events that transpired that led to the arrest of your client. By doing so, you can verify whether there are holes or gaps in the theory of the prosecutor.

Interview of the Defendant

One of the many ways a criminal defense investigator gathers evidence is through in-depth interview of the accused. Often times, there are a few pieces of evidence the defendant has not shared with his or her attorney. This could be because the defendant is uneasy about sharing them or because the attorney is a powerhouse of an attorney, but not so keen at asking the questions an investigator would. However, these small details the defendant has not shared may in fact be the key pieces of evidence that may prove his or her innocence.  As an experienced professional criminal defense investigator, Traici Sexton is able to establish a rapport with clients and reveal key components of a case that may have not been previously known. These key pieces of evidence are then pieced together with information from the discovery file to uncover gaps or conflicting information that may need further investigation.  

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Interview and Location of Witnesses 

Another important step in a criminal defense investigation is the interview of all witnesses. The last thing you want for your client is misleading testimony by a witness.  Not only, will Blue Dog Investigations conduct thorough interviews of all witnesses to help you prepare for court; with a 98% success rate at locating witnesses, defendants, and bail jumpers since 2003, Traici Sexton’s ability to track down missing witnesses is virtually unmatched.

Criminal Defense Investigation for the Accused

You do not have to be an attorney to hire a criminal defense investigator.  Although, it is best that your attorney and your investigator work together in order to prepare your case, you may hire an investigator to help gather evidence and locate witnesses.  Remember, the State has a team of investigators and law enforcement on their payroll! You need the best defense possible!!

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