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Blue Dog Investigations specializes in locating people /skip trace.  With a higher than 95% success rate since 2003, in locating people for the following reasons:

Sure, you can do a little sleuthing of your own. The Internet and availability of public databases has made it pretty easy to locate some people.  However, online databases are seldom reliable, and what if the individual you are looking for is actually putting forth an effort to stay hidden?  What if the address online is really the home of a relative or many years outdated? What do you do now?

This is the time you hire a private investigator to locate the individual for you.  A skilled private investigator knows how to find traces and conduct a thorough investigation that will lead to the location of the person you need to find. With a higher than 95% success rate of locating defendants, witnesses, bail jumpers, deadbeat parents, debtors, and lost loves since 2003, Traici Sexton’s skip tracing and locating skills are virtually unmatched!

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